What is the cost of creating a business website today?

Michael Bryden · Stack Innovations · Date: December 2nd, 2022, 9:00 pm ET

A common question budding entrepreneurs ask is how much it costs to build a website. Ultimately, the cost of developing a website depends on the budget and goals of each individual. This post will estimate the cost of setting up a website for a typical business.

Hire Or DIY

For non-techies, hire a developer even though many tools are available to create a website. Thus, the project can be taken online faster, easier, and more efficiently. 

Tools for Setting Up

The tools needed to set up a website depend on the type of website the user wishes to create.

  • The domain name (e.g., abc.com)
  •  Website builder (e.g., WordPress)
  •  Web hosting (depends on your website builder)

Domain Name

Internet addresses refer to domain names. To access the website, customers type this name into their browsers. For one-year domain names, registration and renewal must take place every year.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is the home of your website. Content, creatives, and the virtual store live here. The visitor to the website will have access to all the files stored on the web hosting server when they enter the website’s address (domain name).

Various web hosting services are available, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, cheap hosting, and WordPress hosting. Shared hosting or WordPress hosting is a good choice when just starting. As far as affordability and needs are concerned, both are preferable.

Web Development Cost

The following are a few different categories of websites in terms of their budget:

  • Small website (minimal budget)
  •  Advanced website (more features)
  •  Online store
  •  Custom-built website

There are a variety of options for website development, ranging from $500 to $1000. Creating a custom-built website or adding advanced features can cost as much as $30,000.

A domain name and hosting cost may be high if only starting. A2Hosting is one of the world’s best hosting companies.

Getting Started With WordPress

Previous posts have discussed some of the major WordPress plugins. 

To summarize:

  • WPForms Lite: To create a contact form
  •  MonsterInsights: Connect the site to Google Analytics
  •  Yoast SEO: Optimize WordPress SEO (search engine optimization)
  •  UpdraftPlus: Back up the WordPress site
  •  W3 Total Cache: To improve and enhance WordPress performance and speed
  •  Akismet: Prevent spam comments

Development Costs of a Small Business Website

In addition to informational websites, business websites also require influential landing pages and introductory pages. Costs associated with creating a business website vary by the complexity and level of detail desired. The number of pages usually determines the cost of developing a small business website. 

Websites with fewer than 15 pages, just a few stock images, and no significant functionality may cost between $2000 and $8000 upfront. 

Cost of developing a mid-sized business website

Costs associated with a standard commercial website will range from $10,000 to $25,000. The website would consist of approximately 50 pages, with a content management system (CMS) integrated, custom layouts, and some unique functionality set up by developers.

Development Costs For Large Businesses

Typically, a large-scale business website has 50 pages, highly customizable design layouts, content management systems, specific functionality, and supplementary features such as personalized development, blog integration, and multimedia costing around $25,000 to $40,000.

In conclusion, how much does it cost to develop a website?

A business website can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $40,000. Hiring a website developer with the experience to understand all the requirements can provide the most efficient budget.

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